Hello, hello! I'm Kayla, a twenty-year-old girl with a penchant for Young Adult novels. Bookishly Spellbound is my little corner of the web where you'll find my thoughts on the books I am reading and the occasional fangirling over other stuff I enjoy.

Hello! I’m Kayla, but a lot of my friends and family call me Kay. I’m a book loving, fandom obsessing, web designing, fanart making, twenty-year-old college bound, aspiring Young Adult novelist living just outside Boston, Massachusetts. I really want to travel and kind of always have, but reading has left me with an extreme case of wanderlust and a desire to experience the world and other cultures. Besides my dream of one day being a published author, my dream job would be an editor at a major publishing company so that is what I am currently working towards. I’ve been blogging for about 2 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far.

This blog was created February 10, 2013. The name is just something I randomly thought of one day. I like adding ish to the end of words, hence Bookish, and Spellbound adequately represents the hold that books have on me. Put that all together and voilĂ , Bookishly Spellbound!

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